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September 1702 a.D., the date on a three hundred year old stone found during the renovation works at the end of the 90s (see photograph above), the date of construction of the old mill which is now the Sasso Rosso Farm. For centuries, the autochthonous Cipolloni family has been dedicated to the production of extra-virgin olive oil and priced wines, sparkling, red and white. The Sasso Rosso Farm was named after the castle of the Counts of Sasso Rosso, by Pierfrancesco Cipolloni in 1978. The daunting manor once rose on the great rock at the skirts of Mount Subasio and its ruins still crown its peak. Saint Claire of Assisi, a member of that noble family, is said to have lived there for some time.



A dove shaped wine glass and profound reverence for our traditions, Organic Agriculture, Protected Designation of Origin and Controlled Origin Denomination, make Sasso Rosso an outstanding business that has provided its clients high quality products for decades. Love for the land, passion for quality and a growing sensitivity towards genuine products 100% natural have influenced our decisions and led us to Organic production, which we have been practising for over 10 years. We consider our vineyards and olive groves a great landscape patrimony. Knowing we can achieve high quality standards gives us great satisfaction and encourages us to become real custodians of local traditions. Over the years, we have received awards and recognitions as further proof of the quality of our products. Nevertheless, our most precious corroboration is the long-lasting relationship with our clients based on sincerity and mutual respect. At Sasso Rosso, the passion for products and quality is passed on from generation to generation.


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