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Our olive groves are located at an altitude of about 400-500 meters above sea level, and this position is favorable for growing organic...

At an altitude of about 400-500 metres above sea level, our olive trees prosper healthy and vigorous without insecticides and anticritogams, thanks to particularly favourable morphological and climatic conditions (rocky soils, cold winters and dry summers), ideal for organic agriculture, that make them less prone to illness and attack from flies.

  • Olio di Oliva D.O.P.
  • Coltivazione Biologica
  • Cultivar Moraiolo
  • Cultivar Frantoio
  • Cultivar Leccino

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Via Del Renaro 25

06081 Assisi Perugia

Tel: +39 075 8065454

Cell: +39 348 4001225

Cell: +39 335 5434634

Restaurant: +39 075/8064524

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